Job Opening for Tester of Web Apps at Moolya >>Could you spot this? This is intentional!

Agile Testing Days USA links

Here are some resources we’re using in my Agile Testing Days USA workshop Refactoring Test Collaboration Refactoring Collaboration + failing at collaboration WHOSE testing skills + Exploratory testing + Elisabeth Hendrickson’s Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet [PDF] + book Explore It! Agile Manifesto Walking Skeletons, Butterflies, & Islands + my blog post elaborating on the conference Big Visible Testing + my blog post elaborating on the presentation Testing pyramid + critique of the testing pyramid/alternatives Extreme programming lifecycle eBook: Katrina Clokie’s A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps Westrum model + organizational culture & safety Linda Rising’s change...


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Published By: The Testing Planet - Wednesday, 27 June, 2018