Job Opening for Tester of Web Apps at Moolya >>Could you spot this? This is intentional!

my view of ‘nfrs’, ‘nft’, and other shenanigans

Welcome to another blog post! As usual, these are my opinions. Not facts. Disagree with anything I’ve said? Get in touch, let’s talk. Happy to have my mind changed. Having said that… First off, describing requirements as ‘non-functional’ is rubbish. Second off, describing testing as ‘non-functional’ is also rubbish. Here’s the dictionary description of that adjective: not having any particular purpose or function. “in some dolphins and small whales, teeth have become virtually non-functional” not operating or in working order. “the cooker was non-functional except for the hotplate” See what...


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Published By: The Testing Planet - Monday, 10 September